Up Close, In Color

Montecarlo, Italy (Tuscany)

I can’t tell you how hungry I am for COLOR. Of the so very many things I missed in this year of pandemic cloistering, the vibrancy of color was near the top of the list! Color is joy and movement and travel. Color is life writ large.

Today, I offer you this photo snapped on the streets of a small Tuscan town, as a testament to beauty. As a promise to myself that I will get out and travel to colorful places again soon.

Spring has sprung where I live. The world is, indeed, looking more colorful that just a few weeks ago. It’s a start . . . but not enough. I feel pinned in by my large American city. Impractical as it is this year, I want to wake up in Tuscany to warm bread, bright fruit jam, and the most extraordinary cup of cappuccino I’ve ever tasted. I want to get up close and personal to some place new and exciting, where colors come in hues I’ve never seen before.


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  1. BERNADETTE says:

    Tuscany does have the most incredible colors that are not available in the U.S. The first time I was in Italy, I thought to myself, so this is where Crayola gets the inspiration for all those colors.

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  2. todgermanica says:

    Great shot! The little Pan-euro cars huddled at the feet of decrepit glory. Know just how you feel about travel craving, I flew back to the US early this year with covid clampdown as soon as I got home. Missing the color and beauty and sanity of Baja. And the Mexicans.
    I just hit 70 though and a newish hip joint and arthritis make air travel purgatorial for me. So I’m looking to buy a Light Sport airplane, finish my license training, and fly myself back down there. Now there’s a bold travel plan! It could happen. Oldsters like me are losing medical certs and selling their Luscome or Aircoupe for $15k. I’ve got that much already. I’m a dreamer.

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    1. Sounds like a great plan to me! Best of luck with the dream.
      I have to say, I love the aesthetic of “decrepit glory” a thousand times better than the shiny new strip mall American aesthetic. It has life and character in it. A totally different sensibility.


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