May 30th- National Mint Julep Day

And there was much rejoicing.

It’s National Mint Julep Day, and I don’t mind if I do! Crisp, clean, refreshing– there’s everything to love about a mint julep when the temperature is toasty. And this week, the temperature has been toasty-plus and the cicadas are singing. I think a julep is well in order.

A julep is quite easy to make, but takes a little forethought, as you need to make, and cool, a simple syrup. You’ll need sugar, water, a nice quality Bourbon, fresh mint, and crushed ice. A julep cup or Moscow Mule cup are a nice touch for serving, as they keep the drink cold.

To assemble the drink, mix equal parts sugar and water and simmer them up on the stove top, until all the sugar has dissolved. If you are in no rush, and you like your juleps on the very sweet side, continue to simmer a little longer to make a stronger simple syrup. Set that aside to cool. Even chill in the fridge for a few hours, if you can. When ready to serve, pour the simple syrup into a cup, add some crushed ice and some fresh mint. Muddle, so that the mint bruises and releases lots of flavor. Add Bourbon to taste, top with more ice and a mint sprig. Enjoy!

But, be warned: a lot of trouble can come from One Mint Julep.


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